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ICT Training of Trainers (2019) Regional Service Centre-Entebbe

ICT Training of Trainers  |  Regional Service Centre-Entebbe  |  2019

The UN C4ISR Academy for Peace Operations (UNCAP) offers several methods of learning:

  • CLASSROOM - In-person technology courses at the Regional Service Centre in Entebbe, Uganda
  • REMOTE LEARNING – Online courses that complements classroom-based technology courses. Courses are available through the UN OICT Technology Training Portal.
  • MOBILE TRAINING – Mobile Training Team to deliver technology training on-site at UN Mission locations or at Member State level in support of Peacekeeping pre-deployment training or Capacity Building.

Course registration to all training methods is open to any individual who receives endorsement from their Member State or from the Chief of their Field Technology Section.

Thank you to our TCC/PCC partners and other friends of UNCAP for their continued support and sponsorships.



Technology Training Portal:


The Technology Training Portal offers digital e-learning solutions to uniformed and civilian ICT professionals in the UN Field Missions and to technology end-users. The portal consolidates learning management for civilian and uniformed field personnel, offering learning paths for both the Digital Skills Development Programme for ICT Field Professionals and for the UN C4ISR Academy, which is focused on uniformed personnel.

The site is intended for use by the peacekeeping community. Uniformed colleagues have the opportunity to better prepare to fulfill their duties prior to deployment, learning skills they need to use UN technology assets and systems in their home countries and further developing these skills once in the mission area.

We are grateful to the Member States that provided funds to deliver this initiative through Action4Peacekeeping and the Partnership for Technology for Peacekeeping.

Mobile Training

The UN C4ISR Academy for Peace Operations can provide targeted assistance in the form of a Mobile Training Team (MTT) at national level to address specific technical or operational pre-deployment training needs of an individual or multiple Troop or Police Contributing Countries (TCC/PCC).

MTTs may also be deployed in-Mission to address time-critical and specific technology training and capability development needs during different life cycles of a mission, focusing on newly deployed uniformed personnel or TCC/PCC units.