The Department of Operational Support (DOS) provides operational support to UN Secretariat entities globally, including advisory, operational and transactional support services and, where needed, exercises delegated authority on behalf of clients. DOS supports the entire UN Secretariat, consisting of almost 100 entities located around the globe.

The Five Pillars of DOS

DOS is build on five key pillars. It provides end-to-end service delivery and integration of operational support in:

  • Human resources, health-care management and occupational safety services;
  • Supply chain management including logistics, procurement and support for uniformed capabilities;
  • Operational planning and support to start-up, surge, draw-down and liquidation in UN Secretariat entities;
  • UNHQ administrative services and campus support; and
  • Operational information and communications technology (ICT)

DOS has become operational on 1 January 2019 as part the Secretary-General's Management Reform and is located in the UN Secretariat Headquarter in New York. 

The Department's role is designed to fully support managers and business partners in operating entities throughout the Secretariat to respond effectively and rapidly to the changing needs of those the Organization serves. In line with this approach, DOS will mostly focus on providing advisory and capacity-building support, so to say ‘second tier’ services, for more empowered entities across the Secretariat.