Human Resources

The Department of Operational Support provides Human Resources support and advisory services to managers and business partners in the UN Secretariat worldwide. While the existing administration and support capacities of Secretariat entities will continue to provide immediate action for human resource requirements, DOS will provide ‘tier 2’ support, focusing on short-to-medium-term human resources requirements of client entities, including process development, guidance on more complex issues where needed, and support for cross-Secretariat requirements.

UN Photo/Abdul FataiA human rights team in the field organised a transitional justice workshop working with 30 national non-governmental organisations on reconciliation and transitional justice.

Our Approach

DOS is the primary entry point and point of contact for human resources queries from HR business partners of entities across the Secretariat. In line with that approach, existing business partners (Chief of Human Resources/Administration, Executive Offices) continue to remain staff’s first point of contact. The capacities within the Department of Operational Support will serve as a resource for those HR business partners to provide operational, advisory and staffing support services on the delegated human resources authorities and human resources process to all entities across the Secretariat.

Having a consistent approach to providing advice to clients across the Secretariat will help us address common challenges faced today and will facilitate analysis of trends related to the types of issues affecting our clients. This trend analysis will lead to the identification of additional requirements for capacity building, guidance, and process improvements.

Our Services

Extensive human resources management authority has been delegated to entities across the UN Secretariat. Consequently, our role at Headquarters has evolved to support managers in an advisory and support capacity. Human resources advisory and support services will focus on two key areas:

1. Delivering operational support and advisory services through the provision of dedicated advice and operational support to HR business partners in client entities to enable exercise of delegated authorities and

2. Staffing services which will focus on enabling all staffing modalities, providing testing and examinations services and operational workforce planning functions.

Key functions performed under the two areas include:

  • ‘Second tier’ advisory support on the following matters:
  1. Advisory support and guidance on all staff and non-staff matters, including implementation of policies, SOPs, guidance, operational procedures and processes;
  2. Advisory support and guidance on all newly delegated authorities within the administrative framework;
  3. Advisory support and guidance to managers on conflict resolution and performance management;
  4. Support and guidance for recruitment, testing/exams and operational workforce planning;
  • Guidance and support in the development of entity-specific human resources strategies and associated implementation plans;
  • Management of recruitment rosters;
  • Administration of the Young Professional Programme and the Managed Reassignment programme;
  • Language Proficiency Examination (LPE); and
  • Administration of personnel records for international staff in field operations as well as international and national staff located in NY HQ as part of the Global Secretariat.

Finally, it is a key focus of DOS to ensure that HR processes are efficient, effective and enable entities to deliver on their mandates. To that end, DOS Human Resources services focus on specific areas for process improvement and innovation.

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