Facilities and Commercial Services

The Facilities and Commercial Activities Service (FCAS) operates the Headquarters complex, striving to provide effective and efficient planning, management, maintenance and operation for all existing physical facilities and assets at the UN Headquarters, New York. FCAS also promotes the continued efficient and effective functioning of the Secretariat with regard to office and conference facilities, property management, travel and transportation services, archives and records management, mail and pouch operations, catering, giftshop and the United Nations Postal Administration.

Facilities Management

The Facilities and Commercial Activities Service (FCAS) is responsible for the efficient and effective management of all existing facilities at the United Nations Headquarters. In operational terms, the Service

  • maintains and operates physical facilities and the plant, including through the provision of custodial, heating, ventilation and air conditioning, electrical and other maintenance services;
  • designs and manages construction work;
  • allocates and manages all office, storage and public spaces in United Nations-owned and leased premises;
  • provides furnishing, manages moves and oversees the management of non-expendable properties and the official gifts at Headquarters.

Commercial, Special Event and Information Services

FCAS also provides commercial and other services at Headquarters. Including

  • Management of the catering contract serving different catering locations including, cafeteria, café’s and bars;
  • Managing catered events in the Delegates Dining Room and Private Dining Rooms;
  • Managing the gift shop contract;
  • Providing special event coordination services at Headquarters and for conferences away from headquarters;
  • Information, reception and meeting services to delegates, staff and the public;
  • Mail, diplomatic pouch and messenger services;

Travel and Transportation

FCAS also provides travel and transportation services. This includes

  • Negotiation of discount agreements with major and regional airlines;
  • Issuance of e-United Nations Laissez-Passer and related travel documents;
  • Coordination of the issuance of host country visas and other visas;
  • Reporting of all personnel changes at Headquarters to the host country;
  • Management of the travel management services at Headquarters;
  • Routing of all travel undertaken at the United Nations Headquarters at the United Nations’ expense
  • Management of the garage and official vehicle fleet at Headquarters, including deliveries for special correspondence to the Permanent Missions from authorized departments;
  • Management of warehouse operations for the receipt and deliveries of all incoming goods and materials to the United Nations Headquarters including the 48th loading dock operations.

Archives and Records Management

The Facilities and Commercial Activities Service (FCAS) is responsible for the identification and the preservation of paper and digital records of enduring value originating from Offices at United Nations Headquarters and any ad-hoc bodies created by the Security Council, including Peace Operations. In operational terms, the Service:

  • Guides offices and peace operations on managing paper-based and electronic records through the provision of advisory services to ensure the timeliness, accuracy, completeness, efficient management, accessibility and usability of information.
  • Provides accountable and secure storage for inactive UN paper records and archives.
  • Provides Member States, Staff, and the public access to the UN historical paper archives through its reading room.
  • Provides online access to digital archives through its online portal: https://search.archives.un.org/

UN Postal Administration

FCAS is also responsible for the United Nations Postal Administration (UNPA) operations at the UN Headquarters in New York, Geneva and Vienna. UNPA designs, issues and sells postage stamps that reflect the activities and achievements of the United Nations and its specialized agencies. UNPA’s mandate is to disseminate information through the medium of postage stamps and to foster interest in all parts of the world about the work and objectives of the Organization. This includes

  • working with various UN offices, agencies, member states, governmental offices and NGOs in determining topics, developing artworks and promotional materials for UN stamps;
  • partnering with other Postal Administrations in joint stamp issuances and promotions;
  • representing the United Nations at philatelic exhibitions, forums, conferences and seminars;
  • operating UN stamp counters and on-line store where visitors to the UN, customers and stamp collectors can purchase UN stamps.