• 508 engineering personnel from African, Asian and Pacific troop-contributing countries trained.
  • Three Member States (Japan, Switzerland, Brazil) have contributed trainers, equipment, course sponsorship, or Project funding.
  • Host countries (Kenya, Uganda, Vietnam, Rwanda, Morocco) have contributed trainers, facilities, course management and services on site.
  • Courses are offered in English and French.
  • Five courses are currently being conducted namely HEE (Basic, Intermediate, Training of Trainers), Maintenance of HEE and Engineering Project Management.
  • Trainees have already been deployed to MINUSMA, MONUSCO, UNIFIL, UNMISS, and AMISOM.

UN C4ISR ACADEMY for Peace Operationss (UNCAP)

  • Since 2015, about 6,500 (12% women) military & police personnel from 112 countries have undertaken technology training in Entebbe or in missions.
  • 6 Women’s Outreach Course: 177 female officers trained from 54 countries from Africa, Asia, Europe and Americas. 23 graduates have deployed to UN field missions.
  • UN Missions in Africa (UNSOS, MINUSMA, MINUSCA, MONUSCO, UNSOS) are the largest technology training beneficiaries.
  • Academy partners: Japan, Canada & Denmark are contributing extra-budgetary funding, when France, Uganda, NATO Communications & Information Academy are contributing technical support with trainers, expertise, mentoring and logistic.


  • The Field Medical Assistant Course was piloted in October 2019 for 29 uniformed peacekeepers from MONUSCO and UNMISS with trainers from the UN, Belgium, Germany & Japan and financial support from Japan and Israel.


Engineering Project Management

  • Help military engineers build stronger foundations in managing projects in complex environments.

Survey and Design

  • Support military engineers with skills and knowledge for site surveying and camp design.

Operator Training

  • Train military engineers in operating modern equipment in demanding settings.

Maintenance and Recovery

  • Strengthen skills and knowledge for equipment maintenance, transport, recovery and repair.

Training of Trainers

  • Equip new trainers with the skills, knowledge, and technical assistance to impart engineering training in their own countries.

Medical Training

  • Provide training for Field Medical Assistants and Advanced Trauma Life Support. 

UN C4ISR Academy for Peace Operations (UNCAP)

  • Provide technology training on UN-owned C4ISR & camp security systems and processes both in English and French.
  • Develop and deliver new technology training including micro Unmanned Aircraft Systems (drones) and Situational Awareness applications (Unite Aware) “scenario-based” training at the OPSCEN-STE (Operation Centre - Simulated Training environment) in Entebbe.