Member States


  1. Bangladesh IP #1  Inclusion of equipment for internet access and increment of reimbursement rate for internet
  2. Bangladesh IP #2  Reimbursement for TCC rotation
  3. Bangladesh IP #3  Re-determination of rembursement rates of generators with renewable energy as major equipment
  4. Bangladesh IP #4  Containers for shipment during initial deployment
  5. Bangladesh IP #5  Transportation of critical spares from TCC to mission area for operational requirement
  6. Bangladesh IP #6  Increase of transit time for ships rotation in UNIFIL, MTF
  7. Bangladesh IP #7  Review of reimbursement rate – BNS SANGRAM (Covertte) deployed in UNIFIL, MTF
  8. Bangladesh IP #8  Sea allowance for for naval personnel deployed in UNIFIL, MTF
  9. Bangladesh IP #9  Resupply, redeployment and replenishment of ammunition and explosive under UN management
  10. Bangladesh IP #10  Rotation and replacement of vehicles at UN expense under UN arrangement or under LOA within a fixed time frame


  1. Brazil IP #1 New Buddy First Aid Kit
  2. Brazil IP #2  Portable Ultrasound in Level 1 Medical Facility


  1. (MEDICAL) Canada, Argentina, Australia, Germany, Mongolia, Netherlands, New Zealand, Norway, Sweden and the United Kingdom - IP Gender-responsive improvements to the COE manual
  2. (SELF-SUSTAINMENT) Canada, Argentina, Australia, Germany, Mongolia, Netherlands, New Zealand, Norway, Sweden and the United Kingdom - IP Gender-responsive improvements to the COE manual


  1. China IP #1  Truck, Shower


  1. Denmark IP #1  Buddy First Aid Kit
  2. Denmark IP #2  Counter Drone Equipment
  3. Denmark IP #3  The use of cell phones as self-sustainment
  4. Denmark IP #4  Use of leased vehicles in UN missions


  1. Egypt IP #1  Reimbursement of equipment when exceeding a grace period after the expected arrival date during deployment, repatriation & relocation of the unit
  2. Egypt IP #2  Compensation for reduced or cancelled equipment due to publishing of a new SUR after a member state has purchased or deployed the required equipment
  3. Egypt IP #3  Deployment of Individuals during the unit tour of duty to replace repatriated personnel for reasons other than the end of mission
  4. Egypt IP #4  Police Crowd Control Vehicle Specifications


  1. Finland IP #1  Green Camp - Applicable & alternative ways to produce energy in peacekeeping missions


  1. France IP #1  Review of the hostile action factor
  2. France IP #2  Creation of an operational engagement factor


  1. Ghana IP #1  Addition of clotting profile analyzer to level ii hospital list of laboratory equipment
  2. Ghana IP #2  Specification of the types of fracture fixation set for operating theatre
  3. Ghana IP #3  Intensive care ward - amendment of number of sets of resuscitation or monitoring equipment
  4. Ghana IP #4  Staffing requirement for level 2 hospital - Increase in number of cooks
  5. Ghana IP #5  Staffing requirement for level 2 hospital - increase sanitary duty staff from one to five


  1. India IP #1  Authorization of additional equipment for operational readiness
  2. India IP #2  Arbitrary deduction of COE reimbursements by mission COE teams
  3. India IP #3  Subdivision of Major Equipment in respect of field hospitals
  4. India IP #4  Revision of internet access claim
  5. India IP #5  Reimbursements for expenditure by TCC for maintenance of UN provided equipment and services
  6. India IP #6  Objective system of self-sustainment reimbursements through quantified SS standards


  1. Indonesia IP #1  Reimbursement for canine life
  2. Indonesia IP #2  Proposal to add new Demining Equipment (bomb basket, bomb blanket and bomb trailer)
  3. Indonesia IP #3  Proposal to re-categorize Mine-Resistant Ambush-Protected (MRAP) vehicles
  4. Indonesia IP #4  Minor damage during internal movement in the Field Mission
  5. Indonesia IP #5  Mandatory Surveillance Equipment
  6. Indonesia IP #6  Alternative transportation equipment from second country or different from the origin T-PCC
  7. Indonesia IP #7  Transportation of explosive ammunition
  8. Indonesia IP #8  Proposal to re-categorize Riot Control Equipment from Personnel Equipment to Major Equipment
  9. Indonesia IP #9  Reimbursement of minor loss or damage on major equipment


  1. Italy IP #1  Reducing plastic pollution - Incentivize in the use of reusable, compostable or biodegradable tableware in the catering service


  1. Malaysia IP #1  Jammer
  2. Malaysia IP #2  Satellite Phone
  3. Malaysia IP #3   Wi-Fi


  1. Morocco IP #1  (Technical update) Claim status reporting
  2. Morocco IP #2  Issuance of COE verification report to the contingent
  3. Morocco IP #3  Loss and damage of Contingent Owned Equipment during transit
  4. Morocco IP #4  The increase of the first aid kit reimbursement rate
  5. Morocco IP #5  Premium for extended deployment of Temporary Operational Bases
  6. Morocco IP #6  Operational ammunitions reimbursement (procedure)
  7. Morocco IP #7  Rotation of major equipment at UN expenseMorocco IP #11  Unique Equipment
  8. Morocco IP #8  Rotation of Major equipment at UN expense following hostile actions
  9. Morocco IP #9  (Technical update) Digital transformation and environment
  10. Morocco IP #10  Types of inspections in the verification process
  11. Morocco IP #11  Unique Equipment


  1. Nepal IP #1  Furniture item under miscellaneous general stores
  2. Nepal IP #2  Helicopter landing site kit, Helicopter landing site marking equipment
  3. Nepal IP #3  Kitchen trailers should be categorized as major equipment
  4. Nepal IP #4  Deduction on reimbursement for unserviceable vehicles


  1. Norway IP #1  Editorial changes of the 2020 COE Manual (ME & SS)
  2. Norway IP #2  Editorial changes of the 2020 COE Manual (Medical)
  3. Norway IP #3  Medical Gases – UN Responsibility


  1. Pakistan IP #1  Principles of verification & performance standards for self-sustainment categories
  2. Pakistan IP #2  Issue of covid 19 testing allowance
  3. Pakistan IP #3  Revision of recreational leave allowance
  4. Pakistan IP #4  Repatriation of ME or SS from mission area and its condition on receipt in home country
  5. Pakistan IP #5  Inclusion of maintenance reimbursement for equipment in prolonged transit
  6. Pakistan IP #6  Inland transportation claims of air movement of COE
  7. Pakistan IP #7  Amelioration of FP surveillance equipment parameters for permanent, COBs in COE manual 2023


  1. Rwanda IP #1  Review of reimbursement rate for tentage in relation to the shorter usage on the initial deployment
  2. Rwanda IP #2 Reimbursement of Claim of Major Equipment lost or damaged due to hostile action


  1. USA IP #1  Encouraging the use of environmentally sustainable equipment and practices
  2. USA IP#2  Linking COE reimbursement to vehicle usage and readiness
  3. USA IP#3  Requiring Global Positioning System telematics in Contingent Owned vehicles
  4. USA IP#4  Rotation of equipment at UN expense