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If you would like to partner with us or receive information about the programme, please contact the United Nations C4ISR Academy for Peace Operations Programme Management at UNC4ISRAcademy@un.org.


Government of DENMARK, October 2020.
"Deployed in remote and high-risk locations, UN peacekeeping operations require specialized and high-performing signals and ICT capabilities as the backbone of command, control and situational awareness. In this regard, Denmark is a committed donor and commends the tremendous work of UN C4ISR Academy for Peace Operations and the standardized and gender-inclusive training. The curricula addresses the gaps in peacekeeper signals, information, and communications technology (ICT) capabilities; and contributes to the A4P gender objective through dedicated training of uniformed female Signals and ICT officers."
Government of JAPAN, October 2020.
"Japan appreciates the critical contribution of the UN C4ISR Academy for Peace Operations to enhance C4ISR capabilities of peacekeeping missions, which are essential for better performance and safety and security of peacekeepers. The Academy has also served as an important vehicle to promote full and meaningful participation of Women in Peacekeeping through its Women’s Outreach Courses. UN C4ISR Academy for Peace Operations illustrates the effectiveness of the Triangular Partnership model in the area of training and capacity building, and Japan wishes the further expansion of this successful partnership"
 Government of CANADA,   April 2021.
"Canada is a proud donor of the UN C4ISR Academy for Peace Operations (UNCAP) and appreciates its contribution to reducing critical training gaps, building partnerships, protecting peacekeepers, and supporting the Elsie Initiative for Women in Peace Operations by providing courses for female peacekeepers. Today’s peacekeeping missions operate in increasingly complex environments that require peacekeepers to have better situational awareness in order to carry out their mandates and protect themselves. Technology can serve to increase a mission’s command, control and situational awareness capabilities, and Canada welcomes UNCAP’s ability to provide this type of specialized training to peacekeepers, to better prepare them for the environments they face. Canada is also proud to support UNCAP’s commitment to working towards offering their full suite of courses in both English and French.”